How do you know when it’s time to lay down your first tracks. You’ve been practicing for months or years, and really have some solid song ideas put together. So when do you make them a reality on vinyl? The key to all of this is not to get too overzealous, and try to move too fast. Because what will happen is that you will not be prepared and it will cost you more money and time than you would have imagined. You will find it when you were recording, that there is a lot of pressure and if you are not very prepared you will spend take after take trying to get a song just right. A lot of new bands play their songs and practice, but don’t realize the commitment they need to record it in the studio. Kois, who teachesĀ beginner drum lessons works out of a studio, and sees people who move too quickly before they are ready.

the studio

Every member of the band most have their part down pat, so there will be few or no mistakes once the tapes get rolling. Most forgetting one important point, in that the studios are rented by the hour. You can spend half a day just trying to get one song perfected. You and your band mates end up exhausted and frustrated with very little progress made. The smart thing to do is to be able to play your song over and over, until it is like second nature to you. Almost to the point where you can play it in your sleep. You want to make sure you’re band mates are the same way with their parts. Then when you’re done practicing all you can; practice some more. Work out all the kinks and changes that need to be made before you even set foot in a record Studio. A lot of times playing a song over and over will help you see the changes that need to be made more clearly.

ready for the studio

Then you have plenty of time in a more relaxed arena to work out any nuances that need to be brought to your song. You never want to get to a place where you are undecided on the path of a song once you were in the studio. This does a number of things. It can hurt yourself confidence, which in turn destroys your drive and passion towards you music. Once frustration sets in, people make more mistakes, and it gets more difficult to get back on track. So the moral of the story is, practice your music over and over until it becomes second nature. Then if you decide that your final cuts are exactly what you want, then and only then head for the studio to lay them out for the world to hear.