What to look for in a good mood music studio. So you got to be in together, and you’ve written a bunch of songs, and are feeling great about your future. Now where do you go to record your music? There are many options available to the amateur musician. You will want to take into consideration the location when you set out to lay down some tracks. Do you want to build your own music studio, or do you want to buy or lease and already established location? There are many things to consider. If you own your own home and have a basement that is not currently used for anything else, this would be a good area to set up a studio.

basement recording studio

Being a basement that it is below ground, it will hold the sound of the music to some extent on its own. But you will want to take additional measures to make sure that your area is virtually soundproof. You don’t want to limit yourself as to when you can play, because of the neighbors. Some of your band mates may only be able to meet in the evening, so you want to make sure that you can jam without disturbing anyone around you. First of all, you will want to soundproof the windows and the doors. Those are the areas where sound can leak the easiest. The best material for this is a foam material that is shaped in a egg carton fashion.

professional studio

It will absorb the music, and the eggshell patterns from reflecting back very easily. Next, you will want to use the same material all along your walls and ceiling. And during each stage of your construction, you will want to stand outside and test the level of noise that escapes, so you will know when you have insulated it enough. You will want some sound to flow through the room, just not to let any escape. Once you have the sound down, you can focus on your recording equipment. You will spread your amplifiers out around the playing area so that the noise can travel freely. Somewhere in the center of your configuration, you will place your recording Center where you can control the music levels and the recording settings. If all of this is a bit much for you, most music studios have blocks of time that musicians can rent out. Everything is usually included, and allows you to come in and play with limited amounts of set up and take out. Whichever path you choose, you will get to witness the fruits of your labor finally coming through.