Marketing yourself as a musician. You may have come into this business just wanting to be an artist and express yourself, but unfortunately you have to get yourself out there for people to see you. There are those fluke situations where the right person is there at the right time, and you become discovered. But for most musicians it doesn’t work that way. They spend months or even years creating an album and trying to figure out how to get people to notice them. Playing clubs is one thing. They put you in front of a group of people who are there to hear music and who could walk away loving your sound.

playing in a bar

But there is a disadvantage to this. For one, they may not have come there to specifically see you. They may just be at the bar. Also they may become intoxicated, in which case they may barely remember you or the name of your band. The key is to get yourself in front of people who are looking for you or your sound specifically. How does that happen? First what you want to do is create a YouTube channel. It’s free to do, and the only cost is a video equipment needed to record your performance. The beauty and that is that you can record as many videos as you’re like even one for every song you have ever written. People from all over the world can find you and if they like your sound they could share you with all your friends. Another thing you can do is join a Meetup Group. There are meetup groups and every city all over the world. meeting other musicians


Just look for a group that focuses on musicians or specifically instrument you play. Most of them meet at least once a month and you can network worst case scenario in that situation, is that you find someone to collaborate on a new project with. But as your network grows, you meet people who know people who also know people that could help you. As well as you helping others. The third method I want to talk about is a site called Gigmore. It is a free to use platform that allows you to set up your account showcasing all of your music, and the types of collaborations you’re looking for. You can even upload videos of your performances that will let everyone see your talent. On that same website you could also connect with people for future projects. You may need a guitar store drummer who is looking for a side project, and you just may be the person to help them.